Creative Cake Toppers

The wedding cake topper was dominant at American weddings in the mid-1900s where it represented togetherness. Today, these figurines are often part of the couple's decorative motif or wedding reception style. Traditionally the bride and groom were depicted in the formal attire, with the bride in a white wedding dress, complete with veil, and the groom in a black suit, today there are many more creative and progressive designs available. Here are some of the non-traditional and at times bizarre choices from Amazon and Etsy. The Love Pinch Bridal Couple Figurine Derker Wedding Cake Topper Love Bride and Groom Sexy Spy Guns Wedding Cake Topper with Bride and Groom Funny Sexy Wedding Cake Topper with Bride and Groom Tractor Wedding Cake Topper Rugby Wedding Cake Topper Unicorn and Horse Wedding Cake Topper Frank and Bride Kissing Figurine Day Of The Dead Dancing Skeleton Couple Lenox Belle's Wedding Dreams Love Never Dies Funny Zombie Wedding Cake Topper
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