Villa Nascosta was born out of the owners’ love for food and bringing people together in celebration of life. Matt and Andre began their business in 2010 with a single wood-fired oven imported from Italy to offer Fresno an authentic Neapolitan pizza.

As Mattie’s Pizza, they were one of the original food trucks on the local scene. Community events such as CartHop arose to the delight of foodies all across the valley. Aside from traveling the circle of community events with their fellow food truck friends, they also are part of many local farmers markets, using amazing local produce as their key ingredients.

Catering has been the main focus from the start, bringing their mobile ovens to over a thousand events all across the valley and along the coast. Whether a small family party, a corporate event or a wedding, they believe food to be the link that brings people together.

Their desire to open Villa Nascosta came from wanting to offer clients more than a meal. The dream is real in this beautiful place where life, love, and good food come together.